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yes, i still live

yes. folks. i still live here, in vero beach, florida.
currently, i am at Vine and Barley in St. Lucie West catching up on beer reviews and stuff in general. life has been good. was just in Orlando at a rate beer beer tasting and it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

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10 days till xmas :P

are you ready yet? i'm not. i'll be shopping the monday of the week of xmas. this week: bills.

the newest anime Kurokami will be broadcast simultaneously in both japan and the US. personally, that's kinda cool, but all i care about is when it comes out on dvd :P

be looking for some pony canyon to start showing up crunchyroll which makes me think of a conversation chris and i had a night or two ago. i think it still remains to be seen what really happens with blu-ray, especially since downloadable movies are really starting to take hold, both via cable, netflix, and i am sure others. add in a HD conversion coming up real soon and so forth, DVDs may actually start going the way of the dinosaur sooner than even i expected.

the 13th movie in the never-ending Meitante Conan franchise: The Raven Chaser.

things aren't looking hot for Tokyopop considering they just laid off 8 more staffers -.-

tuesday anime dvd releases:
12-16-2008 Black Lagoon Season 1 Box Set
12-16-2008 Claymore Vol. #2
**only 4 more to go before a boxset of Clare g00dness ^^
12-16-2008 Nadia, Secret of the Blue Water: Complete Collection 2 (2008 Edition)
**seeing as how i lost my dvds in my move, i'll be picking these up
12-16-2008 Naruto Uncut Box Set 11 (also w/Special Edition)
12-16-2008 Pokemon All Stars Vol. #15
12-16-2008 Pokemon All Stars Vol. #16
12-16-2008 Red Garden Complete Collection Part 1
12-16-2008 Red Garden Complete Collection Part 2
**yes!!!! now they just need to license/release the special Red Garden OVA which came out very recently
12-16-2008 School Rumble Season 2 Part 2

mom bday picsCollapse )

a short blurble

joe says:
now you see me...

...now you don't ^_-

look for pics from the momster's bday wednesday to get posted this coming monday.

before we know it...

...it'll be xmas. and i haven't done a single shred of shopping :P i know what the sis and josh are getting, and i'll prolly send it up when the folks go up in january to visit. so, the immediate need then is to figure out what to surprise the folks with this year.

two of Kitty Media's releases for February 2009 have been indefinitely delayed. what?! no pron?! sacrilege! :D

viz media release dates march 2009:
Bleach Vol. #15
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Box Set 3
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Vol. #05
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Vol. #06
**unsurprisingly, not a single thing i want :P

if you don't know who Ugetsu Hakua is, shame on you. personally, i love his art style, and i didn't realize DMP was releasing an artbook of his art. i'm not usually an artbook slore, but i may just have to make an exception for this one.

Dennou Coil wins, most appropriately, this years 29th annual Nihon SF Taisho Award. both the novel and anime are the recipients of the award. personally, i couldn't agree more with this phenomenal work getting the award. it truly is a ground-breaking new work, which i have also reviewed. sometimes i wish i had more time so i could get back into writing anime reviews. right now though, not possible. my personal reviews aside, it is my ardent wish that this excellent anime gets licensed for release in the US.

ooh. Studio Ghibli is already preparing and planning for two new features over the next three years. awesome ^_^

never ones to waste any time on new technology and anime releases, anime on Blu-Ray now makes up 2/3 of all anime dvd releases in Japan for the month of September 2008. shweet!

tuesday anime dvd releases:
12-09-2008 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Part 2 (also w/Limited Edition)
12-09-2008 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Vol. #3
12-09-2008 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Vol. #4
12-09-2008 Diebuster the Movie
**i haven't even got the OVAs yet -.- augh!!! i'm so behind on anime ;_;
12-09-2008 Dragon Ball GT: Season 1 Boxset
12-09-2008 Gunbuster the Movie
12-09-2008 Gunbuster vs Diebuster: Aim for the Top! The Gattai Movie
**it's Gunbuster. need i say more :3
12-09-2008 Hunter X Hunter Box Set 1
12-09-2008 Maria Watches Over Us Season 2 Collection
**all hail the shoujo-ai/yuri goodness
12-09-2008 Mushishi Box Set
**yes!!!! i have been waiting for this boxset =^.^= easily one of the best and innovative anime of this year
12-09-2008 My Beautiful Girl Mari/A Tree of Palme
12-09-2008 Rozen Maiden Traumend Vol. #3
12-09-2008 Tokyo Majin Season 1 Part 1
12-09-2008 Wedding Peach Season 1 Collection
**if you don't already own this anime on dvd, then you have another opportunity to own one of the better mahou shoujo anime made. if you like sailor moon, you'll like wedding peach

who let the dogs out?! who?! who?!Collapse )


O.M.G. it is already December O_____O
scratch one more year off the calender and prepare to bring in the new year, 2009, with hopefully lots n lots n lots of beer. and single-malts. i mustn't forget the single-malts :D

tuesday 12/2/08 anime dvd releases:
12-02-2008 Air Gear Box Set
12-02-2008 Gunhed
12-02-2008 Inu Yasha Season Set #6 (also w/Deluxe Edition)
12-02-2008 Kyo Kara Maoh! Season 2 Vol. #9
12-02-2008 Le Chevalier D'Eon Box Set
**i am all over this like nori on rice
12-02-2008 Negima Box Set (Viridian Collection)
12-02-2008 Negima Season 2 Part 1
12-02-2008 Neo Ranga Complete Collection
**another rerelease from ADV, but the series itself is really good
12-02-2008 Princess Minerva
**another vintage 90s OVA that was previously vhs only. yup, i ant it :D
12-02-2008 Story of Saiunkoku Part 2
12-02-2008 Toward the Terra Part 3
12-02-2008 Toward the Terra Vol. #5
12-02-2008 Toward the Terra Vol. #6
12-02-2008 Tweeny Witches: Book of Spells Complete
**yes!!!! i am so there :D

adv february release dates:
Cyberteam in Akihabara Complete Collection
E's Otherwise Complete Collection
Full Metal Panic: Heavy Metal Collection (Seasons 1-2)
King of Bandit Jing Complete Collection
Kino's Journey Complete Collection
**kino is one of those anime you must own. rich, deep, thought-provoking and beyond its time, also check out the short novels the anime is based on if you have a chance
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful Collection
**this series had so much potential, but ended up sucking, imnsho. it has some of the best ROTFLMAO moments in 90s animedom, but the ending fell far short of expectations and potential
Najica Blitz Tactics Complete Collection
Pet Shop of Horrors Complete Collection
**the manga is awesome, but i must say, even though the anime is short i really enjoyed it
Saint Seiya Collection 2
**i am so happy to see this series getting a rerelease as the original collected dvd releases are nigh impossible to find.
Sister Princess Complete Collection
Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis
Zain: I Wish You Were Here Complete Collection

FUNi february dvd release:
Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Afro Samurai: Resurrection (Edited/Uncut Editions)
Claymore Vol. #3
**if i weren't broke, i would buy the singles of this series and not wait for a boxset. claymore good
Dragon Ball GT Season 2 Box Set
Dragon Ball Z Season 8 Box Set
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android/Bojack Unbound
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android/Bojack Unbound
Kurau: Phantom Memory Box Set
**i've heard good things about this series, and now it's coming to me in the new year in a nicely packaged bargain. w00t!
Love Hina Box Set
Nerima Daikon Brothers Box Set
**ooh. i've been looking forward to this boxset rerelease :D
Ragnarok Complete Collection
**ok. now i really need to hunt down vol 3 before it becomes obsolete since i already have vols 1 & 2 -.-
Shattered Angels Complete Box Set
Shin-Chan Season 2 Part 1
**too bad it's DUB ONLY >.<
Tsubasa Vol. #11

geneon february release date:
Shonen Omnyouji Vol. #6

Bandai has delayed the release of two Gurren Lagann dvds O_O

getting stiff

but then again, sitting for 4-5 hours in a panera chair and working on my laptop will do that. definitely past time for a beer. after writing my beer tasting email for work, i am thirsting for a young's oatmeal stout so i shall have to partake of that later. in the while, tis time for a little update to the regular generic homepage. that's not to say it has become of less importance these days, but when playing massive catch-up with my beer reviews and trying to get to a sustainable level on toby's so that i can start working on the wine...well, it takes a bit of time :P

stone/nogne-o/jolly pumpkin have announced their first collaboration and very limited edition season release, the Special Holiday Ale. too bad FL isn't one of the states getting some of the stash ;_;

got to dvd 5 of speed grapher and it's pooched. now i gotta dig through my bag of receipts to find my receipt from AWA. now i gotta remember who/which table i bought it at. first i thought i got it from the FUNi table, but now i think maybe i didn't. this is going to be one big pain in my butt. if i can't find the receipt, i have a feeling it is going to be a battle with FUNi since their response so far has been less then stellar in terms of customer service.

Broccoli USA is closing their business. gee, color me not surprised ~rolls eyes~

be afraid, be very very afraid.

i do NOT want a remake of Robotech, or even Macross for that matter. can't they just leave well enough alone and let the classics lie in rest in their kingdom of cinema awesomeness. really. instead of a Robotech theatrical feature, i'd love to see Macross: DYRL get a license and a properly subbed dvd release.

Haruhiko Mikimoto, the original character designer for Macross will be back with pen and paper in hand to personally head the tentatively scheduled and planned new Macross manga. w00t!!! :D

tues anime dvd releases 11/25/08:
11-25-2008 Ah! My Goddess - Season 2: Complete Collection
11-25-2008 Area 88 OVA
**the original and still the best, if you haven't seen the Area 88 OVA yet, you need to. this is a classic and i really wish the manga had gotten a proper and complete translation. excellent sociological and pyschological study on war and the effects it has on a person
11-25-2008 Beast King GoLion Vol. #3
11-25-2008 Bubblegum Crisis - Tokyo 2040: Complete Collection (2008 Edition)
**yes!!! a chance to rebuy this series which got lost in one of my more recent moves
11-25-2008 Case Closed: Season 3 Collection
**when i finish my YYH boxset season collections, i'll delve into the enjoyable bottomless pit that is Meitante Conan. i think they are up to the 500s in episode count in japan right now
11-25-2008 Darker than Black Vol. #1 (also w/box)
11-25-2008 Guy: Double Target
**OMG. old school cheesy macho testasterone crap. i might have to get this just for that. thankfully, if i do it is reasonably priced.
11-25-2008 Happy Lesson: Complete Collection (2008 Edition)
11-25-2008 Karin Vol. #6
11-25-2008 Naruto Vol. #30
11-25-2008 Night Shift Nurses: Ren Nanase
11-25-2008 Phoenix Collection
11-25-2008 Pumpkin Scissors: Complete Collection, Part 1
11-25-2008 Pumpkin Scissors: Complete Collection, Part 2
**i love how anime companies will sometimes release a series in 2 split boxsets which pretty much eliminates the savings part of it. that aside, Pumpkin Scissors is an excellent anime and i will definitely be getting it
11-25-2008 Sasami: Season 2 Collection
11-25-2008 Shonen Onmyouji Vol. #4
11-25-2008 Tales of Phantasia
**i think i want this, but i'll have to refresh my memory...
11-25-2008 Toward the Terra Movie
**i have waited many years for this classic sci-fi space opera movie to get another US release and finally, she WILL be mine
11-28-2008 Peach Girl: Complete Collection (Viridian)

some interesting nibbles from will smith about his current wish/project to bring Oldboy to american cinema. i am pleased to hear he is looking to the original manga for inspiration.

the newest pics of the beer bumper sticker pimping of the back of my car:



monday monday

i see this becoming a trend very quickly. i have mondays off and with no internet at home right now, coming to panera in the mornings, chilling, having some coffee and spending a few hours... ok, quite a few catching up on personal stuff and work stuff is a good idea. found out that the Tiki Bar has wifi too so i see a soon-to-be afternoon trend of going there after here for an afternoon cocktail, gorgeous view, and more work ^_^

tuesday anime releases:
11-18-2008 Bleach Vol. #13
**i still don't understand why viz releases it in singles when it also does season boxsets. yes, they can make more sales, but at the same time, it costs them more money to do multiple format releases. but then again, viz has never really made any sense ~rolls eyes~
11-18-2008 Blue Dragon Vol. #2
11-18-2008 Chrono Crusade: Complete Collection (2008 Edition)
**if you don't already have this anime, run, don't walk to your closest retailer/etailer and buy it
11-18-2008 Coyote Ragtime Show: Complete Collection
**another collection to keep otakuden happy
11-18-2008 Death Note Box Set 1
11-18-2008 Dollhouse
11-18-2008 Ghost Hunt Season 1 Part 2
**oh yeah. BB is breaking street dates again :P
11-18-2008 Girl Who Leapt Through Time (also w/Limited Edition)
**don't think. just buy it. you will not be sorry.
11-18-2008 Gurren Lagann Part 1 (also w/Limited Edition)
**i've seen this in BB for a couple weeks now, so not quite sure what's up, though in the past they were known to break street dates. a lot.
11-18-2008 Gurren Lagann Vol. #1
11-18-2008 Gurren Lagann Vol. #2
11-18-2008 Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time Vol. #8
11-18-2008 Lucky Star Vol. #4 (also w/Limited Edition)
11-18-2008 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny TV Movie 3
11-18-2008 My Santa Special
11-18-2008 Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum Collection (2008 Edition)
11-18-2008 Ramen Fighter Miki Complete Collection Media Blasters
**for only $30, this ROTFLMAO series is worth your money and more. i'll be looking for this one next time i go to BB

nozomi entertainment has officially announced their license of and release date of the Maria-sama 3rd season OVAs release date. rumored at first, it is now official. w00t!!

katsura hoshina is on a temporary hiatus in regards to the D Gray Man manga so that she can recover from her failing health. i hope she feels better soon ^_^

the manga Pandora Hearts is going to be getting an anime. one of the main producers was in charge of the Buso Renkin anime which r0cks so i may have to check this out just on principle.

might as well announce the Bandai release date delays before i get to the new Bandai release dates :P

future bandai release dates:
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence 01-13-2009 *blu-ray*
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (also w/Limited Edition) 01-13-2009
Gundam Seed Destiny Part 1 (Anime Legends Edition) 01-13-2009
Gundam Seed Destiny TV Movie 4 01-13-2009
Gurren Lagann Part 2 (also w/Limited Edition) 01-06-2009
Gurren Lagann Vol. #3 01-06-2009
Gurren Lagann Vol. #4 01-06-2009
Lucky Star Vol. #5 (also w/Limited Edition) 01-06-2009

adv release dates for january 2009:
Eden's Bowy Complete Collection 01-06-2009
Kiba Collection 1 01-20-2009
Legend of Lyon: Flare 01-20-2009
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Complete Collection 01-20-2009
Mahoromatic Collection 01-13-2009
Martian Successor Nadesico: Prince of Darkness Movie 01-06-2009
Megazone 23 Complete Collection 01-13-2009
Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat Complete Collection 01-27-2009
Saint Seiya Collection 1 01-13-2009
Tsukihime Collection 01-20-2009
Wedding Peach Season 2 Collection 01-13-2009


finally! i am back and ready to post some more pics from my wonderful weekend up in jax with my lovely lady, jackie =^^=

random silliness ensuesCollapse )

tues, november 11th anime dvd releases:
11-11-2008 Best Student Council: Complete Collection
**i have heard good things about this supposedly rotflol zany anime so i shall have to look into it
11-11-2008 Black Blood Brothers: Complete Collection
**yes!! been waiting for the boxset release of this ^^
11-11-2008 Dragon Ball Z Season 7
11-11-2008 Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge / Return of Cooler (Double Feature)
11-11-2008 Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge / Return of Cooler (Double Feature) *Blu-ray*
11-11-2008 Emma: A Victorian Romance Season Two
**my boxset was shipped and delivered to the wrong address so now i have to track it down -.- but nonentheless, i preordered mine months ago and look forward to getting my hands on it eventually
11-11-2008 Freedom Box Set
11-11-2008 Kujibiki Unbalance Premium Box Set
**this series was such a disappointment compared to the little anime shorts that were made for the Genshiken anime
11-11-2008 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Complete Collection
**YES!! now i must eagerly await the release date for season 2 and then season 3 :D
11-11-2008 Nadia, Secret of the Blue Water: Complete Collection 1 (2008 Edition)
**hm... i may look into rebuying this one since it went "missing" during one of my moves
11-11-2008 Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
11-11-2008 Pure Mail
11-11-2008 Strawberry Panic Vol. #5
**only one more dvd and then i'll have the boxset to look forward to ^^
11-11-2008 Tsubasa Season 1 Collection
11-11-2008 Tsubasa Vol. #09
11-11-2008 Twin Blades of the Ninja
11-11-2008 When They Cry Vol. #5
11-11-2008 Yu Yu Hakusho Season 3 Collection
**yay! more ogata megumi kurama k00lness

sentai filmworks has licensed the anime Princess Ressurection. an OK anime, but not great, it is tons of guilty fun so i'll be picking it up. hopefully the series will receive a boxset release from the get-go.

new viz release dates:
Death Note Vol. #9 (also w/limited edition) 02-24-2009 100 mins $24.98/39.90
Naruto Uncut Box Set 12 (also w/Special Edition) 02-10-2009 375 mins $49.98/69.90
Pokemon All Stars Vol. #17 02-17-2009 66 mins $9.98
Pokemon All Stars Vol. #18 02-17-2009 66 mins $9.98
**unsurprisingly, not a single thing i want :P

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! say it isn't so ;_;

cause she's so fine

hmm... looks like FUNi has some fans for Blu in the future for Darker then Black. while excellent news, i have decided to hold off on the Bluray player purchase. tis hard to pay for one upgrade when i am still paying off the most recent HT upgrade :P

a new Arina Tanemura manga, Sakura-Hime Kaden. ooh, a historical romance drama. now i might be able to get into this new manga. her newest one i wasn't able to dig as much as her earlier series. we shall see :3

it's nice to see someone is doing well in this craptacular economy and just as shaky anime industry. go FUNimation!

sexy silly spiffy picsCollapse )

for my jackie ^_^

yay, i am sitting here with my jackie *kisses*, chatting with shawn, and hanging out. gonna go for some brunch later, then not quite sure what to do later. will tackle that when and what.
of course, since i am in jax i must hunt down lots of different beer. i'm so behind on beer reviews, might as well add to the backlog :P

be afraid, be VERY afraid @_@
obama better win.

i brought my camera so expect lots of pics at some point ^_^