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10 days till xmas :P

are you ready yet? i'm not. i'll be shopping the monday of the week of xmas. this week: bills.

the newest anime Kurokami will be broadcast simultaneously in both japan and the US. personally, that's kinda cool, but all i care about is when it comes out on dvd :P

be looking for some pony canyon to start showing up crunchyroll which makes me think of a conversation chris and i had a night or two ago. i think it still remains to be seen what really happens with blu-ray, especially since downloadable movies are really starting to take hold, both via cable, netflix, and i am sure others. add in a HD conversion coming up real soon and so forth, DVDs may actually start going the way of the dinosaur sooner than even i expected.

the 13th movie in the never-ending Meitante Conan franchise: The Raven Chaser.

things aren't looking hot for Tokyopop considering they just laid off 8 more staffers -.-

tuesday anime dvd releases:
12-16-2008 Black Lagoon Season 1 Box Set
12-16-2008 Claymore Vol. #2
**only 4 more to go before a boxset of Clare g00dness ^^
12-16-2008 Nadia, Secret of the Blue Water: Complete Collection 2 (2008 Edition)
**seeing as how i lost my dvds in my move, i'll be picking these up
12-16-2008 Naruto Uncut Box Set 11 (also w/Special Edition)
12-16-2008 Pokemon All Stars Vol. #15
12-16-2008 Pokemon All Stars Vol. #16
12-16-2008 Red Garden Complete Collection Part 1
12-16-2008 Red Garden Complete Collection Part 2
**yes!!!! now they just need to license/release the special Red Garden OVA which came out very recently
12-16-2008 School Rumble Season 2 Part 2

let the gift-giving begin

dad working hard at trying to be disinterested...and failing miserably ^_-

as the official gift inspector, baron sniffed every single one

something smelly, but what, who knows

showing the skillz unwrapping every single gift one-handed while chatting with the sis

me working hard at taking pics and drinking my beer - a dirty job, but someone has to do it ;D

uh-oh, looks suspicious

dad steps in for baron who is on his 15 minute break

the area secure, mom moves onto some plush clothes

and so our evening of merriment comes to a close with much pampered g00dness


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Jan. 13th, 2009 11:53 pm (UTC)
You've probably read the news about Toei Animation licensing Harlock 78 and the Galaxy Express 999 TV series to Crunchyroll.com. I sent you a text about it earlier. I'm happy about this but my reception is mixed because of the monthly subscription model to view the episodes in high quality.

Toei doesn't seem to have any DVD release plans at the current time.

I went and read Crunchyroll's licensing & fansubbing & market saturation primer and while it does make sense that too many fansubs kill any licensing revenue back tot he anime production companies, I think we'd have only more DragonBall-Z, Naruto and Inyu-Yasha quality kiddie stuff if it weren't for fansubs introducing interesting sounding titles in the first place.

Another troubling issue is that Crunchyroll.com has licensed GE999 and Harlock78 only for the North American and Canadian markets. If you live anywhere else in the world your IP address is blocked from even paying for a subscription. There are proxy servers, of course, but that's not exactly a true solution to the legitimate availability problem...

I'm in favor of the video hard copy distribution model but maybe the anime industry in Tokyo is really far worse than it seems to outsiders-- so much so that a web distribution model like this has more break even potential than a DVD release.

Or I could be thinking about it too much in "curmudgeon mode"

Love ya, miss ya. *HUGS*


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