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getting stiff

but then again, sitting for 4-5 hours in a panera chair and working on my laptop will do that. definitely past time for a beer. after writing my beer tasting email for work, i am thirsting for a young's oatmeal stout so i shall have to partake of that later. in the while, tis time for a little update to the regular generic homepage. that's not to say it has become of less importance these days, but when playing massive catch-up with my beer reviews and trying to get to a sustainable level on toby's so that i can start working on the wine...well, it takes a bit of time :P

stone/nogne-o/jolly pumpkin have announced their first collaboration and very limited edition season release, the Special Holiday Ale. too bad FL isn't one of the states getting some of the stash ;_;

got to dvd 5 of speed grapher and it's pooched. now i gotta dig through my bag of receipts to find my receipt from AWA. now i gotta remember who/which table i bought it at. first i thought i got it from the FUNi table, but now i think maybe i didn't. this is going to be one big pain in my butt. if i can't find the receipt, i have a feeling it is going to be a battle with FUNi since their response so far has been less then stellar in terms of customer service.

Broccoli USA is closing their business. gee, color me not surprised ~rolls eyes~

be afraid, be very very afraid.

i do NOT want a remake of Robotech, or even Macross for that matter. can't they just leave well enough alone and let the classics lie in rest in their kingdom of cinema awesomeness. really. instead of a Robotech theatrical feature, i'd love to see Macross: DYRL get a license and a properly subbed dvd release.

Haruhiko Mikimoto, the original character designer for Macross will be back with pen and paper in hand to personally head the tentatively scheduled and planned new Macross manga. w00t!!! :D

tues anime dvd releases 11/25/08:
11-25-2008 Ah! My Goddess - Season 2: Complete Collection
11-25-2008 Area 88 OVA
**the original and still the best, if you haven't seen the Area 88 OVA yet, you need to. this is a classic and i really wish the manga had gotten a proper and complete translation. excellent sociological and pyschological study on war and the effects it has on a person
11-25-2008 Beast King GoLion Vol. #3
11-25-2008 Bubblegum Crisis - Tokyo 2040: Complete Collection (2008 Edition)
**yes!!! a chance to rebuy this series which got lost in one of my more recent moves
11-25-2008 Case Closed: Season 3 Collection
**when i finish my YYH boxset season collections, i'll delve into the enjoyable bottomless pit that is Meitante Conan. i think they are up to the 500s in episode count in japan right now
11-25-2008 Darker than Black Vol. #1 (also w/box)
11-25-2008 Guy: Double Target
**OMG. old school cheesy macho testasterone crap. i might have to get this just for that. thankfully, if i do it is reasonably priced.
11-25-2008 Happy Lesson: Complete Collection (2008 Edition)
11-25-2008 Karin Vol. #6
11-25-2008 Naruto Vol. #30
11-25-2008 Night Shift Nurses: Ren Nanase
11-25-2008 Phoenix Collection
11-25-2008 Pumpkin Scissors: Complete Collection, Part 1
11-25-2008 Pumpkin Scissors: Complete Collection, Part 2
**i love how anime companies will sometimes release a series in 2 split boxsets which pretty much eliminates the savings part of it. that aside, Pumpkin Scissors is an excellent anime and i will definitely be getting it
11-25-2008 Sasami: Season 2 Collection
11-25-2008 Shonen Onmyouji Vol. #4
11-25-2008 Tales of Phantasia
**i think i want this, but i'll have to refresh my memory...
11-25-2008 Toward the Terra Movie
**i have waited many years for this classic sci-fi space opera movie to get another US release and finally, she WILL be mine
11-28-2008 Peach Girl: Complete Collection (Viridian)

some interesting nibbles from will smith about his current wish/project to bring Oldboy to american cinema. i am pleased to hear he is looking to the original manga for inspiration.

the newest pics of the beer bumper sticker pimping of the back of my car:




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Dec. 2nd, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
From here until the 12th of December I will probably have very spotty cellphone and net access. We'll see each other soon enough :)

I have to say a couple of things about that Astro Boy teaser. First, it lived up to my horror-filled first impression that I received from the very first teaser image that Imagi released months ago. While a movie trailer is an integral part of the marketing machine that gives a film the widest audience appeal possible, these guys gave me the impression of watching a badly CG'd Dreamworks film trying to be The Dark Knight. On top of that, Imagi seems to be making a habit of doing their adaptations of characters "off-model". Basically their Astroboy looks nothing like Tezuka's Astroboy save for a few canon design features.

Nowhere in this trailer did I see any of the Dr. Boynton (whose Japanese name I forget) or the very powerful archetypal character of Atlas.

We both know that this could be a good movie. It could have been very cool. Dare I suggest that it shouldn't have been done in CGI because traditional 2-D animation or full-on high production value live-action are the only mediums that can effectively portray the best of the Astroboy story in cinema? Imagi sucks and Tezuka Co. sucks for licensing it to them.

I was surprised and upset to read that ROBOTECH (and not Macross proper) was being made into a feature film in live-action. That is, I'm assuming it's live action. I agree with your sentiment: you know how I feel about certain Matsumoto TV series as far as film adaptation goes but Macross hasn't in over twenty years topped DYRL's cinematic staying power. That film will never be topped by any live-action adaptation because we come to associate the very universe of Macross as a story in animation. The film is flawed and perfect all at once. It's choppy but hyper detailed and at times super-fast animation and 1980's flavor have been referenced in nearly all later Macross works to date.

Crazy Hollywood note: I've been informed that the #1 way to make your life a living hell or lose your job (and future job reference credibility) if working for or even doing a contract job for a Warner Bros. executive is to mention two words in any context: "SPEED RACER".

I was told this as a helpful warning by a friend in complete seriousness.

L.A. and the reasons some big film industry folks have for doing things are not very smart. Everyone in film here, myself included, believe that great talent and ideas can make a good script into a powerful film. I guarantee you that is one of the other major rationales on the part of the folks and actors making El Robotecho Extravaganza other than big profits. Maybe some of them have figured out that it'll be a dud and are going along with it anyway for the money. The main producers do not feel this way even if the studio does, sometimes. A lot of this rides on the trust that a bigshot actually knows what he's doing and understands the project perfectly-- or has hired twenty-five people who do. Another thing is that all of the higher-ups tend to try to kill any innovation or attempt at artistic merit in big films like these. I'll let you know when I find a way around this problem. They don't think in this manner consciously but in general, anything that could be considered a really cool/thought-provoking/thought-required/actual-cinema inclusion is killed before the shooting draft of the script is submitted for greenlight approval.

Meanwhile, most intelligent viewers see garbage ahead of time.

To do these projects the right way--or even to simply leave them alone because they SHOULDN'T be adapted at all--is taking a risk. It takes guts to take a risk.

It takes guts to survive out here and keep a career going but I think it takes even more guts multiplied by 1000 to say "no" to a bad project and "I'll make it with someone else if you aren't interested" to something you know has real merit.

I have to get back to packing. Please switch over to emails to contact me after tonight until the 12th. I got a special international calling rate for the Bahamas and the cost is still ridiculous at $2/minute.

Love ya! See you soon! :)

Hugs and kisses your way.


Dec. 4th, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
i CANNOT wait to see you :D
much good beer to share, and a rare single malt or too, also chris and i are BACK IN ACTION which makes for one of the best christmas presents/blessings ever.
i agree with everything you wrote. i won't be seeing astro boy or the robotech movie if it gets made. same with the intent of will smith to make a new adaptation of the quintessential Old Boy.
i'd love to see the original b&w astro boy get a domestic dvd release with proper english subtitles. now THAT is the real astro boy. he was and still is the epitomy of childhood innocence, naivette, and purity. afterall, that was the whole point and intention of his creation by tezuka. tezuka saved his adult messages and stories for his more mature manga creations.
{hugs} you'll do fine out in Cali. have faith, and never compromise your principles if you don't have to, unless it is for a greater good later on down the road.
have fun in the Bahamas and be safe!!!
loves, hugs, n *kisses*
Dec. 2nd, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
I found an article here that you may find interesting:


**This March, I had dinner in Los Angeles with two producers from U.S. animation studios making American versions of anime originals. One, a Chinese-American, was from Imagi, the company working on next year's computer-graphic Astro Boy, a film based on Osamu Tezuka's 1960s classic. The other, a Filipino-American, was with Gonzo Digimation Holdings, the company that produces Afro Samurai, an original manga turned international anime series featuring the voice of Samuel L. Jackson.

Both producers were jovial, if anxious about the ongoing decline in U.S. anime DVD sales. But they were also quite keen to share their experiences of working with their counterparts in Japan.

"We showed a preview to some focus groups in Tokyo," said the Imagi producer of Astro Boy, "and the results were disastrous. Our Astro Boy was too snarky, too mature. They wanted to reclaim the original character's innocence."

The staffer on Afro Samurai said this: "We originally thought the collaboration would be, you know, 50-50, between Japan and the U.S. But, to be honest, the final product is more 80-20, with the Japanese input at 80. They knew what they were doing, and we didn't want to screw it up."**

So they're happy that anime sales are down in the USA but they were surprised that an Astroboy who all but resembled the classic Astroboy pissed off Japanese fans.

I have a solution for them: re-conceive and re-animate the entire movie correctly, sans Ninja Turtles styling. This would bankrupt Imagi, you say? ;)
Dec. 4th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
i don't mind seeing anime on dvd sales down a bit in the states because when the sales and production was at its highest, it was also in many respects at its worst. i would rather have quality over quantity any day. i would also like to see more lesser known titles and risks taken with anime that isn't "mainstream" because, well, we love anime and that is why the anime industry in america exists in the first place. anyone can bring over the easy to sell mainstream stuff (of which a lot of it is good), but not at the cost of losing out on the truly revolutionary artistic works.

btw, check out Dennou Coil anime when you have a chance. it is amazing, and just won the 29th Nihon SF Taisho award.
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